Great Party Games

Parachute Games : Popcorn !
Equipment : Large Parachute and 20 soft balls
Age: 3-11

This is a great game to get everyone involved and can be played in a number of ways. My Favourite is to start with everybody holding the chute stretched out. Selected half the children to stand on the outside and throw all the soft balls on to the parachute. On the whistle the children holding the parachute stand up and shake the parachute and try and get all the balls off when all the balls are flying off the children on the outside catch and chase the balls and throw them back on. After a couple of minutes swap the teams and repeat.

Action Game : MR MEN GAME

Equipment : Nothing
Age 3-7

This is an easy warm-up involving no equipment. Say the name of a Mr. Man and children have to move like him. The like are:

  • Mr. Slow – move slowly.
  • Mr. Rush – move fast.
  • Mr. Jelly – shake your whole body.
  • Mr. Muddle – walk backwards.
  • Mr. Bounce – bounce!
  • Mr. Small – crouch and move.
  • Mr. Strong – move flexing your muscles.
  • Mr. Tall – stretch up and move (good for stretching once the children’s hearts are racing.)

You can obviously add more including Little Miss characters or even shout 2 characters out so children have to mix 2 actions together. The children can also add their own ideas meaning they never get bored of this game!


Competitive Game : Bench ball
Equipment : 2 benches , 1 sponge ball , cones
Age 8 and up

Competitive children love this energetic team game! It works especially well when developing throwing/catching/passing skills.

Set up the gym with a bench at each end, and a row of cones/markers down middle to divide the space into two halves. You will also need a large soft ball for the children to throw.

Divide the group into two teams and give one team bibs. Team 1 should be in one half of the court, team 2 in the other.
Both teams choose a goalie, who stands on the bench in the opposition’s half of the court.
The idea of the game is for players to throw the ball to their goalie without it being caught by the other team. As teams score goals, the scoring player joins the goalie on the bench. Children pass the ball between themselves until someone decides to shoot. winning  team is the team with the most amount of points/players on the bench when times up.

Running Game : Pursuit Relay
Suitable for 8 years and up
Equipment : lots of cones and 4 batons

This is a great Running game that lets children run fast safety.

Divide group into four teams. Using a circle (marked with cones) each team stands at a point within the circle. Teams should be an equal distance apart. The first runners stand on the outside of the circle and has to run one lap before passing the baton.  The object of the relay is to try and catch the team in front and not let the team behind catch you before passing the baton to the next runner in your team.

The leader should stand in the centre of the circle and if a team catches the team in front, the whistle is blown to stop the runners. The catching team is awarded a point. Runners return to their start position and the relay starts again.

Try changing direction so each team has the opportunity and make sure to split up fast runners!